IFA Jargon Buster

The world of finance can be confusing. If you're unsure of some technical terms, explore our handy jargon buster to see the definition.

A distribution to shareholders of a portion of a limited company's profits. The amount of dividend per share is decided by the company's board of directors and distributed in proportion to the number of shares held by each shareholder.

Payments made to investors of the income generated by an investment fund.

A mortgage where the interest rate is set below the lenders standard rate for a fixed introductory period. These are usually offered by mortgage lenders to attract new customers.

Also known as a Money Purchase Scheme. A pension scheme where a member's retirement benefit level depends on the amount of contributions paid into the scheme by or for the member. The rate of contributions is decided by the policyholder or their employer.

Also known as a Final Salary Scheme. This is the traditional form of company (or occupational) pension, where your pension is calculated as a proportion of your salary during your last few years of work. The amount you receive also depends on how many years you have been a member of your company scheme.

This occurs when income is taken from an individual's pension fund.

The pension and/or lump sum paid to a deceased member's spouse and/or other nominated dependants where death occurs while still working for an employer and before a specified retirement age.

The pension and lump sum paid to a deceased member's spouse and/or other nominated dependants when death occurs after retirement.