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The level of insurance can be calculated under different bases, such as multiples of business profits or salaries of the key personnel, or even a proportion of the payroll cost. There are many variables, all depending on the type and structure of the business such as Shareholder Protection.

Shareholder Protection is designed to pay a pre-determined lump sum to the business on the death or critical illness of a key shareholder. This can help the remaining shareholders when it is most needed.

Is Shareholder Protection a requirement for your business?

  • Have you discussed the effect of the death of one of your fellow shareholders on the structure and ownership of the business?
  • Do you have sufficient, readily-available assets to buy that person’s share of the business, or would their family like to remain involved?
  • You may have a strong working relationship with your current colleagues, however, would you feel the same way working with their spouse, or their children?
  • Would your family wish to remain involved in the business should anything happen to you, or would they prefer to sell the shares and release the capital?
  • Would your family receive a realistic price from a third party if they were to sell them on, and is the marketability of the shares good in the instance of the business having lost a key decision maker?
  • Do the company’s Articles of Association allow for a third party sale of shares, or are there specific restrictions on the transfer of shares which need to be considered?

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