Employee Benefits

The fast-paced world of finance can be complex. For business owners, there is a need to consider not only your own financial position, but that of the business itself and the employees too.

With rapidly-evolving changes to legislation and market conditions to bear in mind, there is much that can impact upon you, your business and your workforce.

Our team of advisers offer the tailor-made solutions for your business.

Group Schemes

A generous employee benefits package can be a great way to ensure you attract the best applicants to work for your company whilst still retaining existing employees.

Certain benefits are legally required such as paid holiday, but other benefits can showcase your business as a company who demonstrate a sense of social responsibility towards its workforce.

Our experienced consultants can tailor a cost-efficient benefits package for you to offer to your employees, whatever the size of your business.

Business Protection

As a business owner you are used to making daily decisions to protect the future of your company. From employing the right staff to insuring assets against damage, there are numerous challenges faced in your role. However, it can be all too easy to forget about that most crucial type of protection: business insurance. Thinking about key person cover will help protect your business from the financial burdens of losing critical members of your staff.

We can provide effective financial planning advice to help you grow your business. Our tailor-made solutions will match your own attitude to risk and be aligned with your investment objectives. We understand every client is unique and our service will be with you throughout. Our regular financial reviews are conducted to ensure the advice you are given is relevant, appropriate and up to date.

You can relax, safe in the knowledge that your finances are being managed appropriately.


Commercial Insurance

We offer a full and comprehensive range of insurance services to meet your business requirements.

Arranging insurance covers for your business can be a painstaking and costly exercise. We'll take away that hassle.

As the single point of contact for all your insurance requirements, Edgewater will have you covered.

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