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Safeguarding your empire

Edgewater Associates is able to offer a full range of insurance services to meet your business requirements.

Arranging insurance covers for your business can be time consuming and expensive, especially when dealing with multiple covers and providers, and often you won’t have the time to review the premiums at every renewal date.
We provide a single point of contact for all your insurance requirements. Our experts will aid you in assessing your risks and requirements, and will work exclusively with and for you in obtaining the best premiums available at every renewal date.

Below are some of the many types of cover we are able to arrange on behalf for your business:

Agriculture/Farming Insurance

The agriculture and farm industry has some very unique requirements when it comes to insurance, and this product specifically caters for these industries. Not only does this cover the buildings and contents (including machinery and plant) and the usual employers’ and public/products liability, but it can be extended to cover livestock for death and disease. This cover also provides environmental liability in the event of an accidental pollution incident.

Clubs & Charities Insurance

Whilst clubs and charitable organisations require some of the standard insurance protections, such as property damage for the building and contents, liability to the public and for the selling of any products, they also require some unique covers. The most obvious of these is trustees’ indemnity for defending the acts of any trustees and their personal assets in respect of decisions taken on behalf of the club/charity. They may also require professional indemnity insurance for any advice given.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance (in Fleet)

Protection for cars, vans and lorries against road risks, theft and liability. This can be extended to cover personal belongings, trailers and medical expenses.

Engineering Insurance and Inspection

Many insurance policies exclude breakdown where they cover machinery. This class of insurance extends to cover breakdowns, along with theft, accidental damage, virus, reinstatement of data and subsequent business interruption.

Some equipment, by law, must be inspected on a periodic basis (such as lifts). Engineering insurance will pay for the cost of these inspections and will be arranged by your insurance provider to comply with statute.

Hotels, Guest Houses, Pubs & Restaurants Insurance

A must for the owners of these establishments, particularly as it provides public/products liability for loss or damage to members of the public and their personal effects, in and around the property.

Buildings and contents are also covered, along with subsequent business interruption in the event of loss of business for a period, together with a variety of optional covers.

Legal Expenses Insurance

Legal disputes can be costly and this insurance looks to provide some security if you’re ever pursuing or defending an action.

The spectrum of cover is wide, but usually includes employment and contract disputes, personal injury, property including purchase/sale or eviction of squatters (on a specific property owner’s policy), trespass and nuisance, Health and Safety Executive or HMRC prosecution or investigation, motor contract disputes (including recovery of insurance excess), vehicle recovery, protection against losing your driving licence, problems with your neighbours, identity theft, rent disputes and even boat owner’s cover.

Marine Insurance (incl. Goods-in-Transit)

A wide definition insurance covering the marine industry, ranging from loss of or damage to a boat, liability to the public and crew members, through to the shipment of goods (whether by sea, land or air).

Office/Surgery Insurance

This cover includes buildings (if owned) & contents (including computers), business interruption, employers’ liability and public/products liability.

Surgery policies can also include liability to members of the public/animals for treatment provided.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Vital for all professionals providing advice, regardless of whether a fee was taken or advice was issued free of charge. This cover protects against action for negligent advice, error or omission which results in financial loss or injury.

Additional covers can include loss of documents, dishonesty of employees and libel and slander.

Shop Insurance

Shop owners require specific insurances, this packaged product (similar to commercial combined insurance) provides the required cover such as buildings, contents, money, goods in transit, liability and business interruption.

Additional covers can be added e.g. legal expenses.

Aviation Insurance

Insurance for aircraft against loss or damage, which can be extended to periods the aircraft is not in use, along with liability for passengers and to the public.

Commercial Combined Insurance

Commercial Combined Insurance policies offer comprehensive cover for businesses in a single policy. These can include insurance for buildings, contents, employers’ liability, public liability, product liability, business interruption, legal expenses, goods-in-transit, money and engineering inspections, along with a range of add-ons that can be included as required.

Directors & Officers Insurance

This covers a company’s directors and officers against claims as a result of their actions and decisions in the running of the business. These claims can be brought by employees (in respect of employment practices and HR issues), shareholders (if one of their decisions leads to a fall in the share price) and regulatory bodies (for reporting errors).

Further likely claims scenarios could arise from misrepresentation in a prospectus, decisions which exceed their authority as a director or failure to comply with laws or regulations.

The cover ultimately protects the assets of the directors and officers as these could be seized if they were found to be negligent without insurance protection in place.

Certain policies also offer cover for the company itself, should it be named in an action or sued directly (rather than individual directors), which is often the case.

Equine Insurance

Whether cover is required for horse, horse box or rider, this particular class of insurance will cover it all. It also provides cover for vet fees, liability and death, theft or straying of the animal.

Additional covers such as loss/theft of tack are available as required.

Jewellers Block Insurance

This specialist and comprehensive cover applies to retail, wholesale, repairers and manufacturing jewellery businesses, pawnbrokers, art and antique dealers, auctioneers and allied risks.

In addition to full theft protection, Jewellers Block Insurance can also cover travel, goods in transit, entrustments of stock to third parties and home risk. Available extensions can include exhibitions, defective title, unattended vehicles, buildings, business interruption, employee dishonesty, personal accident/assault, employers, public and products liabilities.

Liability Insurance (Employers/Public/Product)

Compulsory by law for the majority of businesses, employers’ liability insurance is protection against injury or illness suffered by employees as a result of their work duties (with the exception of motoring accidents which are covered by motor policies).

Public liability insurance protects you and your business against the financial risk of death, injury, loss or damage of property or ‘pure economic’ loss to a third party, resulting from your negligence.

Products liability insurance covers you if you supply, sell or deliver goods (including repair or service) which cause damage or injury.

Motor Trade Insurance

The aim of this insurance product is to provide the necessary covers for all members of the motor trade, from car dealers to garages.

Cover includes buildings (if owned), contents (including machinery, such as hydraulic lifts), business interruption, employers’ liability and public/products liability (extending to work on, and road risk relating to use of, motor vehicles as part of your trade).

Private Medical Insurance

Whether for private individuals, groups or companies, private medical insurance (PMI) covers the costs of private medical treatment for curable short term medical conditions, referred to frequently as acute conditions.

PMI includes the cost of surgery, specialists, accommodation and nursing at a private hospital or in a private ward of an NHS hospital.

There are a range of additional benefits available, with some providers even contributing towards the cost of travel to the UK, if specialist treatment is not available on the Isle of Man.

Property Owners Insurance

Whether residential or buy to let, property owner’s insurance covers the requirements of:

  • Private individuals
  • Property owning organisations
  • Property management organisations
  • Resident’s associations

Key benefits are buildings (including subsidence), contents of communal areas, loss of rent and property owners’ liability.

A range of optional covers include employers’ liability, legal expenses, landlords contents, engineering cover and sometimes engineering inspection service for lifts, heating and ventilation systems in the property.